Many women love wearing bracelets day in and day out. There’s just something about the simplicity of a bracelet that allows for both femininity and class, yet stays subtle and seamless. If you are a woman who is proud of the children you’ve raised, it’s time to purchase a mother’s bracelet.

The Mother’s Necklace was developed to show the world that moms matter. Although many individuals understand the importance of a mother’s role, it’s valuable for a mom to show what she has brought into this world with the simplicity of a mother’s bracelet.

The bracelets below are symbols of your children or a space to allow for a special message that means something to you. Choose from the Beloved Bracelet to have your children’s initials, full names, or words of endearment hand stamped; the Cross and Pearl Bracelet that allow customization that is simple, delicate and classy; or the Leather and Pearl Initial Bracelet as an ideal match for single letter stamps. No matter what you choose as your mother’s jewelry, the meaning is deep.

Peruse through our selection and decided whether you’d like pearls and leather, a cross and pearls or a sterling silver bracelet with hand stamped charms as your mother’s bracelet. The customization process is easy and effortless. All you have to do is give us a few details, including the information you would like stamped on your charm(s) or cross. What are you waiting for? Show the world that you’re proud to be the mom that you are today by ordering a mother’s bracelet. Feel free to contact the moms behind the scenes at The Mother’s Necklace with any questions, concerns or special instructions for your order.