Necklaces are a great way to show off your feminine side without having the hassle of bracelets or other styles of jewelry getting in the way of daily tasks. Because of this, the designers and mothers behind the scenes at The Mother’s Necklace began creating necklaces for moms that are unique and special.

Each one of our necklaces will be personalized to your liking. With different options for every necklace, you can choose to have every child’s name hand stamped. Whether you have one child or a housefull of children, there are many different ways to customize this design of mother’s jewelry. All moms are different, and every single one of them deserves to display the life they created in the form of a respectful and personalized necklace.

Exclusively, the necklaces purchased from us are all custom made. With our artists standing by waiting for your order, you can rest assured that each hand printed name or unique term of endearment will be brought to life on a personalized necklace convenient for moms everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you have one child or five children to brag about, each necklace has the ability to be completely customized with up to six or more names. Genuinely, we have an assortment necklaces to choose from, including All My Children, Layers Of Love, Mother’s Compass, Circle of Love, Generation Necklace, Cross and Pearl Necklace and our most popular, Mother’s Necklace. Shop below for your favorite necklace design, and place your order today! Please don’t hesitate to contact the moms behind the scenes if you have any questions, concerns or special instructions about your order.