Circle Of Love

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Product Description

Designing and customizing one of our hand stamped necklaces is a rewarding and fulfilling process. See the creation you had in mind come to life with our Circle of Love Necklace and design the perfect gift for your special someone. Have your mother in mind? The Circle of Love Necklace makes a great personalized mother’s necklace for her birthday or the holidays. With the ability to pick out which initials you’d like stamped in the middle of the necklace, you can decide if you’d like to put her children’s initials there or just her last name as a sentiment of love between her and your father. In addition, you can customize the hollow, gold ring to say something beautiful, such as “One Road, One Journey”, or perhaps something a bit more personal. Also, you can pick out what you’d like the bottom ring to say, and an optional heart dangle. From there, you will complete your Circle of Love necklace by choosing which type of chain and chain length.

Product Measurements: 1.25" Inches Diameter 

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